LA Transplant Ep. 3: Jayson Rivest (Wiccan Spiritual Healer)


Jayson Rivest Jayson Rivest is a Wiccan spiritual healer who moved to Los Angeles to attend film school at USC.  We discuss his childhood and how he discovered that he was a witch. He currently works in the entertainment industry and does reiki energy healing on the side with his eclectic Wiccan coven, The Rainbow Warriors. Check out the Rainbow Warriors’ Facebook Page.

Tiffany is an Alabama native and the founder of the LA Transplant. A journalist by trade and an explorer by nature. Away from work, you’ll find her playing competitive beach volleyball, podcasting, or winding down with a documentary and a big ol’ glass of sweat tea.

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    Jayson Rivest


    I think that you did a great job editing this together! I couldn’t remember exactly what you said the interview was for; had I known when you were planning to publish it, I would tried to draw some traffic your way. Wishing you well in all of your endeavors!

    Blessed be,

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