10 Neighborhoods That Confuse Everyone

Map of Hollywood

Do you ever find your self wondering why there are very few Filipino’s in the historic Filipinotown, or what the heck does West L.A. or Mid City actually consist of? Don’t fret, these are all terms and questions that even native Angelenos still ponder. Neighborhood districting (and naming for that matter) is anything but easy to interpret. Luckily, LA Weekly published a list of the ten most confusing neighborhoods complete with maps and street names to help you get your bearings in some of the unfamiliar territory.

From LA Weekly:

“This city’s neighborhood names are more confusing than an Obamacare enrollment session. The problems are manifold: some homeowner and business groups want to break away from blighted zones, while others want to celebrate ethnic pride — and the City Council is eager to honor their requests, even as neighborhood councils get their own shot at what community names are officially represented at City Hall.”

Check out our list of ten L.A. neighborhoods with more than one name:


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