James Franco Acting School

James Franco

Studio 4 at Playhouse West is James Franco’s latest footprint in the entertainment industry. The actor/director has set out to incubate the next generation of award winning actors by teaching them the way. While he’s not teaching the classes himself,  Franco’s acting school seems like a unique opportunity because his production company is working in conjunction with the school. This is a first for an acting school, as they promise to only cast actors who’ve attended the school. It’s definitely a marketing ploy, but I’ve seen worst.

Classes will be held in both New York and L.A., with the latter studio at the Sherry Theater in North Hollywood. The cost is $300 each month for two classes per week. Aspiring actors will be trained in the Meisner technique with guest lectures by Franco’s A-List friends.

For more info, check out this write-up on Backstage.com.

Would You Enroll Im James Franco’s Acting School?  Have You Already Taken Classes? Share Your Experiences Below!

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