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If you strike up a conversation with a random person, there’s a 7 out of 10 chance that the person you’re talking to isn’t a Los Angeles native. They likely moved here for career purposes, love, or the endless sunshine. We were once new to the area too and now we hope to pass off the information and hard lessons that we’ve learned along the way.
The LA Transplant serves as your guide for moving to Los Angeles and adjusting to life here. We keep you posted on the latest news relevant to transplants, and information to get your career and social life booming. You can also tune in for a weekly podcast of the same namesake that chats with some of the interesting people of L.A.

There’s a lot to see and to do here! We suggest you jump right in, get your hands dirty and enjoy all that this beautiful city has to offer.

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About The Creator 

Tiffany Williams Hi! My name is Tiffany and I created the LA Transplant out of my desire to help others who want to move to Los Angeles. When I came to L.A. about 4 years ago, I had no job lined up and I didn’t know anyone at all. I basically survived off of Ritz Crackers, Google searches and instinct alone. I want to invite you to reach out to me with any questions or advice that you may need. Hopefully I can help ease the transitional process for you.




About The Podcast

latransplant_podcast_thumb The LA Transplant podcast features the people of Los Angeles. There are so many interesting people here with a story of how they got here and how they, in the words of Tim Gunn, “Make it Work!” Tune in weekly to hear those stories of moving to LA., and adjusting to life here. You will leave every podcast with a new job idea, an unknown nugget of info about this town, or inspiration to pursue whatever it is that you really want to do. If you want to be featured on the podcast fill out the content form with links to your work. Also, be sure to subscribe on iTunes!